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2023  Wimberley GumboFest Cookoff Rules & Information



  • Be cooked on site the day of the cook-off.

  • Be at least four (4) gallons when finished.

  • Be prepared from scratch (no commercial mixes) with all ingredients added on-site and in raw form, but may be chopped and cut ahead of time. Gumbo must be cooked on site the day of the cookoff from scratch. "Scratch" means starting with raw meat and using regular food-quality spices. PRE-MADE ROUX IS NOT ALLOWED.

  • Be prepared in as sanitary a manner as possible.

    • You must be willing to taste your Gumbo.

    • Cooking conditions are subject to inspection.

  • Be cooked in the open (no , closed tents, etc.)

  • Be ready for Judging and tasting at 3 pm.



  • All ingredients must be inspected after check-in and before cooking begins by the Gumbo Coordinator. The Gumbo Coordinator will continue to inspect each booth until judging is complete. Your team may begin cooking after the Head Cook has reported to the Gumbo Coordinator and has received a judging cup. The Head Cook is responsible for safeguarding the judging cup and matching number ticket. A matching number ticket must be presented to claim the winning Gumbo. (Only one judging cup can be turned in per team)

  • Texas Alcohol Laws will be enforced; everyone must be 21 years of age to consume alcoholic beverages. No

  • The Head Cook will be responsible for that the booth area is kept clean, both during and after the event.

  • Failure to follow these rules will be grounds for disqualification. The Gumbo Coordinator reserves the right to make additional regulations as situations warrant. Decisions of this committee and Judges are final.

  • Cooks must not "mark" cup in any way. If cup is damaged, a replacement can be obtained by turning in damaged cup and numbered ticket.



  1. AROMA – should smell appetizing

  2. CONSISTENCY – should be smooth combination of ingredients and textures

  3. COLOR – should look appetizing

  4. TASTE – should taste good, pleasing to the palate

  5. AFTERTASTE – should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing



  1. Rice, pasta, and other non-gumbo fillers are NOT ALLOWED in competition Gumbo submissions (but are allowed in public tasting Gumbo, if desired)



Propane stove and fuel, fire extinguisher, cooking pots, serving utensils, tent, ingredients, and decorations. No ground fires allowed. Electricity may be provided depending on availability, however, teams should prepare to cook without provided electricity. Food permits are not required however, teams should follow all cleaning and sanitary rules provided by the Hays County Public Health and Environmental Services Department:



Each team will receive 1 space not less than 10x10 and (4) four team passes. Nearby trash cans will be provided, but teams should plan to pack out trash.



April 22, 2023. Setup begins at 8 AM (early setup available the night before). Head cook’s meeting will be held at 9 AM at the main stage. Meeting attendance is highly recommended.

Doors open to the public at 12 pm. Gumbo entries must be turned in at 3 pm. Winners will be announced at 5 pm.



Cypress Falls Swimming Hole, 50 Marina Circle, Wimberley, TX 78676.




There is a $100 entry fee per team. All entries must be received by April, 21st, 2023, or by the time capacity is reached.

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