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Welcome to Wimberley GumboFest 2024!

An annual celebration of Cajun food, culture, music & heritage benefitting the Wimberley community and local families in need.

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My Neighbor's Keeper (501)c3

In Honor of Tom Keyser

About Us


Wimberley GumboFest, a tradition not just born yesterday but one that’s been simmering since way back in '83. That's when Wimberley first got a taste of its gumbo prowess, courtesy of Linda Allen. Now, the faces and the names? They’ve changed over the years, sure. But that soul, that spirit of the gumbo fest? Unchanged, unwavering.

Cut to 2019, and the Wimberley Cajun Cultural Alliance steps in, jazzing things up to carry on this legacy. It's like they grabbed the baton in this relay race of culture, spice, and everything nice, making sure this event stays at the heart of our community.

Then came 2020, and with it, the second round of this gumbo jamboree, doubling as a Mardi Gras fiesta. It was the last big hurrah before the world hit the pause button, leaving our streets a little too quiet, a little too empty.

Fast forward to 2021, and it's our gumbo cookoff that's bringing the beats back to the bayou, marking a comeback, a sliver of normalcy in a time that was anything but.

Over these five years under the WCCA's watchful eye, GumboFest has been more than a party. It's been a force for good, funneling over $35,000 into the veins of our local lifelines - Trees for the Blanco, Katherine Ann Porter School, My Neighbor's Keeper, The Barnabas Connection.

And in 2022? We didn't just change our name to the Wimberley Community Cookoff Alliance; we got ourselves official, sealing the deal with (501)c3 status.

So here's to the WCCA, to growth, to impact, and to staying rooted in what makes Wimberley, well, Wimberley. Here's to keeping the tradition alive, one bowl at a time.



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Tel: 832-768-8432

Wimberley Community Cooking Alliance

7425 FM 2325

Wimberley, TX 78676

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Cypress Falls Swimming Hole

50 Marina Cir.

Wimberley, TX 78676


April 20, 2024


Gates Open to Public - 12:00 pm
Winners Announced - 5:00 pm

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